‘Tis The Season For Small Business Owners

For major retail chains, it’s business as usual. But have you ever wondered, ‘what about the average small business owner’?

“Thirty-six percent of small business owners admit the holiday season is a time of great stress for their business.” (FedEx Small Biz Pre-Holiday Survey)

Thus, how does new owners compete with larger retail corporations especially during the joyous yet stressful holiday period? Christmas often shapes the success or failure for end of year revenues. To ensure a prosperous end of year outcome, begin early positioning of company activity to manage the greatest leverage of acquired and employed resources.

As our country’s working force continues to strive for financial independence that is indicative of the growing number of new businesses established each year, how are they expected to survive the seasonal jubilant times? Leveling the playing field between the undiscovered small business owner and the colossal retail chains seems daunting, yet is very plausible.

What are the components to a successful business, notably during the Christmas holiday season? The good news is that the answer to this question is universal, meaning large or small… each component is applicable if executed effectively and efficiently. Consider the following cost effective outlined components.

Plan Ahead

I hate to sound so cliché, but the early bird really does catch the worm… especially if you are undiscovered. Large retail stores know in January what they are going to do and promote during the holiday season. As a smaller owner, it is even more pivotal for you to do likewise. Consider a new product or service to offer during the forthcoming holidays.

Goggle Analytics

Google offers great resources for the newly established business owner. Consider Google Search Engine Optimization key word selection when creating content for a website, a blog, or social media platforms. Here is where the playing field is equally leveled. SEO’s are not biased nor do they favor major retail chains, but any business exploiting this feature will gain the spotlight! Making efforts to ensure your company name will appear in any internet search is perhaps the most overlooked aspect for small business owners.

Graphic and Web Designers

“Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.”

Particularly, as a rising company, are first impressions compelling in gaining potential consumers. Even if you should have a store front, your on-line presence is what will set you apart from your competitors. Be sure to budget for professionally designed holiday graphics and an inviting and visually appealing website. At the very least, consider resources such as fivver.com or resources with similar concepts for your graphics.

Social Media

Thank goodness for technology! Social Media is a major player and I’d say most worthwhile promotional tool for the conscientious owner. Small business social media affords you the opportunity to develop an on-line presence, a strong following, and a virtual community of shoppers without added cost of printed marketing materials, costly radio or TV commercial spots, or newspaper or magazine advertising space. Here is where the newer and smaller markets can gain momentum. The key for success is consulting with social media strategist to provide clear directive on how to capitalize on various platforms to encourage and foster consumer engagement.

Public Relations

The most underutilized promotional feature by most small business owners are publicity services. The immediate thought is either they don’t need it or can’t afford it. Yet publicity services are by far more valuable than marketing and advertising when considering the long lasting return on your investment.

The objective of public relations services is to garner earned coverage for your business through various media outlets: TV, radio, and print. Consider hiring a Publicist who specialize servicing small businesses to develop a strategic pr campaign (consideration should be given early in the year in that it takes time to develop a strong push). Getting a write up in a local/national paper could be the greatest Christmas gift your company can receive!

In spite of the invariable advantages of larger corporations, it is possible for the small business owner to maintain a viable presence and attract holiday shoppers when you plan ahead and consider resources designed with even the small business owner in mind!

So you see, ’tis is the season for small business owners, never has it been more plausible to compete effectively with major retail chains during the Christmas Holiday Season. From our company to yours, Season’s Greetings… fa la la la la, la la la la!

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